A woman has come out to accuse notorious PIMP Bishop Don Magic Juan of s*xual assault. The woman claims that Don put "something" in her drink that caused her to lose consciousness.

Then, the young lady claims that Don s*xually assaulted her.

This is the first allegation - to our knowledge - of a woman accusing the ex-pimp of rape.. Bishop Don has denied the claims made by the young woman.

Here's her story:

On October 31st, 2014 something devastating happened to me that changed me forever!

Bishop Don Juan, you know exactly what you did to me that night! We met a few days prior and you invited me to be #HoneyoftheWeek on your radio show.

I took your offer and appeared as a guest on your show. After the show you had your DJ, #Krazy, from Flavor of love, pour me a shot. Then, you came right behind her and gave me a drink that you had fixed!

We then went to a party at a Hollywood nightclub on Sunset. As, the night went on all I could remember was having this out of body experience feel. It was so weird, because I only had one shot and the drink you fixed me.

I remember going to the bathroom and literally laying on the floor, trying to fight the feeling, but it was getting stronger and stronger. I must have fell asleep or passed out, because when I woke up, I was laying BUTT NAKED in your bed, at your apartment, with you laying next to me snoring!

I started freaking out, you woke up, and tried to get me calm. Then, you forced yourself on top of me. I told you to GET OFF OF ME, but you wouldn’t listen.

You pinned me down and started having sex with me without even using protection. I couldn’t move or defend myself. I was crying and begging you to #STOP!

After you finished raping me, you got me a hot towel and my clothes out the bathroom. I told you that I wanted to go home. You called me a cab. I felt so weak and powerless.

I was only 19 at the time & you knew that! You knew I was a small-town country girl from Georgia, far away from home, and in LA alone! You knew I trusted and looked up to you the very first time we met!

After the rape, I ignored your constant calls and text messages for several days. You sent me shoes and a couple of nice outfits. One morning, I got the courage to speak about my experience with you and to try to seek help. Your fans ATTACKED me so bad, that I deleted my post.

Here is a pic of the woman making the allegations: