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Woman Accused Of Hiring A Hitman . . . To RAPE A GUY WHO OWED MONEY!!!


An Alaska woman is facing serious jail time. Police claim that she hired a man to rape another man who owed her money

Julia Haworth, 30, has been indicted on  a series of crimes including solicitation of a sexual assault, and first-degree sexual assault. Police claim that Julia ordered 24-year-old Austin Matthias to rape another man (whose name is being withheld) during a party at her St. Michael home.

Because St. Michael is a "dry" village, alcohol is illegal, and the underground sale of liquor is a problem in the municipality. Police believe that Julia was the alcohol PLUG in the town and that many in town owed her money, including Austin and the victim.

Investigators say that at a party, Julia began to press the victim about the $15,000 he owed. Then she reportedly promised Austin "a bottle" if he would do rape the victim, according to court documents. Austin agreed, and after all three got drunk, she allegedly verbalized her request again by stating, “Austin, I’m going to need you to rape the man.”

Police say that Austin knocked out the victim with at least one blow to the face and when he eventually came back to consciousness he had a broken nose, and was suffering from injuries and severe pain throughout his body - especially his booty area.

Austin was indicted for the attack last June and is facing a pair of felony counts for first-degree sexual assault. Both him and Julia are being confined at the Anvil Mountain Correctional Center in Nome, where they await their next court hearing on May 17