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WOAH VICKY Stops Acting 'BLACK' . . . Now That She's Famous . . . Pulls Her "WHITE CARD'!!


Social media star Woah Vicky gained worldwide fame by pretending to be Black. Vicky created hundreds of videos, where she p[pretended thats he was really Black. And she used a fake "ghetto" accent in the videos.

Well now Vicky has decided to come clean - and change her image from Black girl . . . back to White girl. Vicky, who gained MILLIONS of fans using her "Black Girl" persona has decided to go back to her "real" personality. She hopes to gain even MORE popularity by showing her "real" self.

Here's the video where Vicky explains why she is making the change:

The 18-year-old has a huge following of 1.4 million fans, and made her name by claiming to be black (she is very much white). A lot of her posts involve her talking in an exaggerated blaccent about getting money. Woah Vicky is also friends with Lil Tay, the nine-year-old rap star whose mom is a Canadian realtor.

She first posted about being black in 2017 after taking an test that said she was 44 percent African. She has also appropriated what she sees as black culture – corn-rows, extensions, twerking, grills and guns. She's even started selling custom merch on her site – including a range of grills and chains.

One of her first viral hits was something called "the lotion challenge," which involved trying to eat a spoon of lotion and trying not to be sick. Go figure.