WOAH VICKY Got Beat Up AGAIN . . . This Time HIGH SCHOOL GIRL . . . Popped Her In EYE!! (Video)

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Rapper Woah Vicky was attacked last week - by rival rapper Bhaddie Babie. During that attack, she was punched in the back of her head. Well now she's been attacked again.

According to MTO News sources, Vicky got POPPED IN THE EYE . . . by a 15 year old High School girl. And it was partially caught on tape.

The incident started when Vicky made a public appearance at Hawthorne High School in Los Angeles. One of the girls in the school was NOT a fan of Vicky - so she popped her.

Vicky's security managed to break it up, and the girl was suspended from school. The PUNCHER is being hailed as a "hero" by many Vicky Haters online.

Here is the video:

Just last month Vicky and Danielle Bergoli also got in a physical altercation. Vicky said she did not react to Danielle because she recently turned 18 years old and she didn't want to CATCH charges.

Because she's already caught charges in the past:

Woah Vicky was cuffed at the Four Seasons Town Center Mall in Greensboro, North Carolina. According to police reports, she was given multiple opportunities to leave when she was trespassing at the mall. She refused, and then resisted arrest, allegedly kicking a police officer. She has been charged with trespassing, assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest. Woah Wicky, what are you doing? Her police report confirmed she was white. 

Danielle and Vicky are two of social media's most ANNOYING trolls and then 15-year-old Danielle "Cash Me Outside" Bregnoli and 18-year-old Woah Vicki got into a war of words — that turned into FISTS.

The two social media stars started arguing publicly outdoors in Los Angeles — over some nonsense. And then, "Cash Me Outside," threw a sucker punch, and popped Woah Vicky in the dome.

The two girls have HAD beef. Because back in 2017 they were seen having words with each other over FaceTime.