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WNBA Player Britney Griner TOPLESS Pics Leak . . . They Should Call Her . . . WNBA YOUNGBOY!!


WNBA star Brittney Griner went LIVE on social media last night with her girlfriend – and Brittney FORGOT to put on her bra.
What’s shocking is – that she has ZERO breasts at all. Like NONE WHATSOEVER.

Brittney Griner is used to negative remarks about her body, but at this point in her life, she does not care.

“I would say ninth grade, when I started wearing the clothes that I wanted to wear. I was so tired of living a lie, dressing a certain way. When you go to high school, you definitely feel like you’re an adult, and I wanted to be true to myself. By the time I got to college I was completely out, and all my friends knew—just about everyone in my family knew. That’s when I told myself, “Okay, I wanna do all this,” she told Mother Jones about when she became comfortable in her own skin.”

“When I first came out, I kinda overdid it. I dressed extremely older-boyish, like sagging, and big shirt and big jeans. I was just like, “I’m gonna go extreme.” And then as I got older, the baggy clothes got a little more fitting to my body, but still masculine. Before, I wouldn’t wear tight jeans—”That’s girl! I want guy!” I thought. But now I wear jeans that actually fit me and look good. A lot of people do the preppy look, and the bow ties and the vest and jacket, the blazer and everything, and I started to like it even more.”

So it was nothing for her to show her bare chest on Instagram live. Check out the pictures below!

Here is the first pic

Here is the second pic