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A witness has come forward to help prove that Dallas police officer Amber Guyer murdered Both Jean. After the witness came forward, prosecutors have now indicted Amber for MURDER.

The indictment of Amber Guyger comes more than two months after she was arrested in the shooting death of Botham Shem Jean at the Dallas apartment complex where they both lived.

Guyger was initially charged with manslaughter by the Texas Rangers, but now a witness has come forward.

According to Texas law, murder constitutes someone "intentionally and knowingly" committing a crime, whereas manslaughter involves "recklessly doing something."

"At the moment of the shooting it was a knowing ... offense," the prosecutor said.

The court records Friday showed both a manslaughter and murder charge entered in Guyger's file, but a clerk of the court confirmed that the murder charge is the one prosecutors are moving forward on. Robert Rogers, Guyger's attorney, was disappointed but not surprised by the indictment, given what he called an "outpouring of vindictive emotion" in a statement late Friday.

Here is the witness, explaining what she told on social media:


Guyger turned herself in to police on September 9 and was charged with manslaughter before being released on a $300,000 bond that same day. On September 24, after Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall previously argued that Guyger could not be fired from her job during the investigation, Guyger was terminated by the police department for engaging “in adverse conduct when she was arrested for manslaughter.”

The grand jury began reviewing evidence in the case on Monday, and had three options: to charge Guyger with manslaughter, to upgrade the charges to murder, or to decline to charge Guyger with anything at all. While an announcement on the charges was expected as early as Wednesday, the Dallas Morning News reported that the grand jury spent additional time reviewing evidence and hearing testimony from Jean’s mother, sister, and others.