Willow Smith and her 20 year old boyfriend Tyler Cole seemed to be going strong as they were spotted out together on Thursday in downtown Los Angeles.

But as soon as the pics were leaked, folks on social media immediately began questioning the sexuality of Willow's bae. And those "questions" became louder, when a new pic showing Tyler wearing lipstick leaked online.

Here are the pics of the two together:

PHOTO #1 - They say he looks "gay" in this pic

PHOTO #2 - Holding hands

Here's another pic of the two of them:

Tyler is a musician, and he appears to have a very fluid s*xuality, based on many of the images he has on his Intsgaram. Tyler matched his girlfriend with a denim jacket of his own.

He sported blue sweatpants underneath, along with a black Nirvana shirt, and tied a white sweater around his waste.

Rumors around the couple's relationship have been circulating for years, even before they collaborated on the 2016 track Afraid.

Nonetheless, the two have managed to keep their relationship quiet, and have still not confirmed that they are together.

But despite the images, Tyler is committed to Willow. The two have reportedly been dating now for more than a year.

But the one pic causing the most controversy - see below - is the one where Tyler is actually wearing lipstick. And we have to admit, it's a cute shade on him.