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Willow Smith Has A NEW BOYFRIEND . . . And He's A CALI SKATEBOARDING 'DUDE'!! (Pics Of The New Couple)


Singer Willow Smith appears to be dating someone new! She and her new man have been spending long hours together, taking in hikes, patio lunches and evening sweet treats.

Willow was recently involved in a long-term relationship, so this appears to be either a fresh start or a rebound fling.

She does, however, seem to have her wits about her when it comes to relationships - speaking on the inspiration behind her new music, she told Refinery29 late last year:

"The single really came about by me just thinking about the unrealistic ideals that women have about relationships, which are fed to us through the media, our parents and our peers. As I am starting to grow up and experience more, I'm starting to realize how deep this illusion goes — and how strategic it has been catered to women, specifically."

The daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith kept it casual on her date with her new BF and was snapped wearing a white vest, red gym shorts with white trim, stripey long rainbow socks, a blue jacket and black and white plimsolls. She was also wearing long, natural colored Goddess locs; the top, tied up in a velvet scrunchie.

Her new flame (a California skater) also kept it fairly lowkey wearing black jeans and tee shirt with a dark hoodie and black and white Puma sneakers.

Willow didn’t look too pleased with the new fellow as he ditched her to avoid the cameras while they were walking to their car after lunch. Later the same day they were seen at Sunlife Organics.