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Geto Boys rapper Willie D sat down for an interview where he revealed the real reason he did not attend the late Bushwick Bill's funeral:

"When somebody has a funeral man, it's like this — I feel like it's disingenuous for somebody to come to your funeral who you don't like," he told DJ Vlad. 

"Bill didn't like me. I ain't like Bill; you know what I'm saying? That's the truth. This ain't no phony sh*t. I know that everybody want to do some politically correct sh*t and all that, but that's the truth, bro.

"The truth is the truth. I know that if Bill had his choice, Bill probably see me walk up and be like, 'Get that muthaf*cka outta here.' That's how I feel. The energy is not right, bro. And I don't need nobody looking upside my head and sh*t like I did something wrong, like I f*ckin' caused him to die. Nah, I don't think that I would be welcomed."

Watch the clip below.