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Willie D Drags Marc Lamont Hill Over Bill Cosby Post: Why So Much Vitriol For Him?

Willie D slammed journalist Marc Lamont Hill after he posted his reaction to a flyer celebrating Bill Cosby's release.


Willie D responded:

"F*CK ALL OF Y'ALL? This is the way you, a so-called activist and political analyst communicate with over of half the people within your own race when they take a different position than you? Where was F*CK ALL Y'ALL when those Jews was on your head about your support for Palestinians? They made direct attacks against YOU and you tucked your tail accompanied by a swift apology. You got that Stephen A. Smith vibe," he wrote.

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"Bill Cosby never called for you to be canceled. So why so much vitriol for him? Don't tell me it's because you care about victims of sexual assault because you never publicly said F*CK ALL Y'ALL to the people who stood behind Trump after dozens of women accused him of sexual assault before and in the wake of his 'grab'em by the p*ssy' comments," he continued. "Stop acting like you're some anti-sex predator super hero because if you were we would have known well before the Cosby case."