Will Smith's Son Jaden Is OUT AND PROUD . . . Making Out With A MAN . . . In His New TV ROLE!! (Video Of Jaden KISSING DUDE)


There have been rumors for years that Will's son Jaden is gay. And we can now report that he is GAY - at least in his newest role.

Jaden stars in the new Netlix series THE GET DOWN - and his character is gay (or at least bisexual). And Jaden goes ALL THE WAY with the role. We're told that Jaden has a couple of "love scenes," and we have a clip of one romantic scene he has with another male.

Jaden is photo'd kissing the heck outta dude, and Jaden appears to be enjoying it. And we've seen Jaden's previous acting roles - he's not a good enough actor to FAKE THAT.

Link to the full video - Jaden's kiss starts at 1:30 in