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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith celebrated their son's 21st birthday by telling him how he was conceived.

"Tequila!" mom Jada yells. "That's how you got here!"

"Jaden, that's how you got here, yeah," Will told a crowd of people. "Everybody!" he continued. "This is a really important story! This is a really important story."

He added, "Nah, it's like having Christmas and not telling the story of the nativity!" he justified. "That's what imma do next year. Imma make the little house with the scene about [how] Jaden was conceived. It'll be a little villa in Mexico. There's Jose Cuervo tequila all over the place."

Jaden recently released his album ERYS but also announced that he wanted to switch professions:

"I want the world to know that I am switching professions and that I am becoming a full-time inventor," Smith told Complex last week. "I'm going to spend all of my time inventing new technologies because I think I'm better at that than making music."