Will Smith ACCIDENTALLY Leaks Video . . . Him Traveling With YOUNG MODEL!! (Dang Jada)

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Will Smith was on video traveling with his best friend Scotty in Hungary. But that wasn't their only travel partner. A beautiful young "model" type girl was with them. Will accidentally leaked video of the girl.

Two days ago, Will posted a video online showing him tying to SCARE his friend Scotty. But while the video was being filmed - another member of Will's entourage was caught on film. The woman was a young blonde girl - that appeared to be biracial.

Jada, who has her own Facebook show, told fans that she would bring her husband Will on the show next month. She said that the couple will explain their Unorthodox relationship to fans.

Here's the pic:


Many people are suggesting that the woman in the video is model Heidy De La Ros. Heidy has traveled with Will in the past, And folks have rumored that she and Will had some type of CLOSE friendship in the past:

Here's Heidy

Will is about to turn 50 years old soon, on September 25th. . . And he's already planning a MAJOR stunt to celebrate. Reports are saying that he's going to BUNGEE Jump at the Grand Canyon. YouTube said Friday that in “Will Smith: The Jump,” the star will bungee jump from a helicopter over the Grand Canyon. The live broadcast will take place on September 25 and is part of YouTube Original’s new series line-up, which will also feature stars such as Jordan Peele, Kirsten Dunst and Robert Downey Jr.

Appropriately titled Will Smith: The Jump, the Men In Black star’s live broadcast is in response to a challenge from the Yes Theory channel on YouTube.