Rapper Wifisfuneral sat down for an interview, where he explained why he called fellow rapper Russ a "trash rapper" - and Wifi says it has nothing to do with his music, it was all about Lil Peep.

"I think he's very misconstrued on what exactly my issue is with him. I really don't got a problem with his music at all. I personally, from the bottom of my heart, I don't really care for his music," he explained.

"I know he doesn't care for mine, so we don't lose on that end at all. Second of all, I never knew that somebody would feel so offended by my words. Never thought that I would have that much power to offend somebody."

Wifisfuneral says the beef started after Russ' comments following Peep's passing:

"Third of all, the reason why I actually said that was not because it was a trend and not because you know, people were at the time saying like, 'Oh, f*ck Russ.' Imma drug addict. Straight up and down. We're just gon' address it like that."

Wifi continued, "So you mean to tell me that people who have problems like me, people who have problems like Peep, people who have problems like, you know...we're legit losers? So me expressing my pain because every form or way that I've tried to do it is just not working for me, I'm a loser for that? Alright, well f*ck you then." Watch his full explanation below.

Russ sat down with Joe Budden for an episode of Pull Up last year, where he made the following remarks:

"Basically, what's happened is you've allowed 13-year-old White kids to tell the world what hip-hop culture is. That's the problem," Russ told Joe. "I'm done biting my tongue with the sh*t. There are people like the Lil Pumps, the Smokepurpps and just the people who are using the fact that hip-hop is the coolest thing to be doing right now. They're using that as a marketing tool to be buffoons."

He added, "They are literally telling the rest of the world...that this is what it means to be Black, in a sense, and that's the problem. I understand that I'm not Black, but, god forbid, if China looks at me and says this is what it means to be Black, they shouldn't because I'm not Black, but if they do, at least it is not ridiculous. At least I'm talking about self-sufficiency, ownership [and] music."