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Whoopi Goldberg had reportedly skipped out on hosting The View to consult with her doctor about how to move forward amid all the coronavirus panic.

Co-host explained Goldberg's absence to the cameras.

"To be extra careful about her health, Whoopi is consulting with her doctor today," she explained. "She wants everyone to know she feels fine and plans on being back here tomorrow."

Goldberg battled with pneumonia back in 2019, so that would be considered a pre-existing health condition, which makes her very susceptible to the virus.

The decision comes a week after Joy Behar announced that she would be staying home.

Guest co-host Dr. Mehmet Oz commended the ladies over the decision.

"These are two iconic women who are doing the right thing," Dr. Oz said. "I spent a good part of last week calling friends of mine — senior citizens or mature folk — just saying 'please, stay out of Dodge for a little while. Let what's happening happen.' I applaud both of them for doing the right thing."