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The decisions are in - and the executives over at Bravo have decided which housewife stays, and who will get fired from the Real Housewives of Atlanta - and the decisions will shock some of you.

According to our snitch Cynthia Bailey is getting fired, and Eva Marcille is getting demoted to a friend of the show.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta sends out what they call "pick up" letters to the cast members that they are inviting back for next season. When a housewife received the "pick-up letter", that means that Bravo is exercising their option of hiring the housewife back for another season (under the terms of a contract that was negotiated earlier).

If a housewife does not get a "pick up" letter, then Bravo is declining the offer - and that means for all practical purposes they're fired.

Th pickup letters are written and stamped, and will go out on Monday, after the finale of the Real Housewives of Atlanta airs. And we know who's getting pick-up letter.

Here's who we're told is getting a peach:

Porsha: Producers unanimously voted to keep her

Nene: Even though there were many who wanted her gone, execs want her back so she's returning

Kandi: She's getting a pickup letter too. It was near unanimous, but not quite

Shamari: Everyone raved about Shamari, she'll be returning

Tanya: There was a split on Tanya, but after her performance in the reunion - she won herself a peach. She's being asked back.

So what about Eva Marcille and Cythina Bailey? Our insider explained:

Cynthia is out, she won't be returning. Eva is out for now, but they might bring her back as a friend to the show.

Here's Nene discussing returning on the Housewives @ 23;30: