White Trump Supporter Is 'STONED' By Angry Protesters!!


A White man who is described as a "Trump supporter" in Dallas was stoned last night by an angry crowd, MTO News has learned. The man, who his friends claim was attempting to "defend his neighborhood" took out a sword and began chasing protesters through the streets of Downtown Dallas.


But then the streets caught up to him, and knocked him unconscious. He was then hit in the head with a large stone.

The violent scene was captured on video that went viral on social media as protests turned into riots, looting and mayhem in the wake of George Floyd’s murder by the Minneapolis police.

Here's video of the beating:

In the video the White vigilante begins swinging his sword wildly at a group of Black protesters - possibly trying to kill them.

A crowd quickly knocks the crazed vigilante to the ground, where he's beaten, and then smashed in the head with a large stone.

Dallas Police confirmed to MTO News that the man was taken to the hospital, and they are investigating whether to charge him with a crime. Social media reports say that the man is in "critical condition."