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White Tourists Charged With 'Desecrating' SLAVE MUSEUM . . . By Taking EXPLICIT PICS For Social Media!!


MTO News just received word of a new story, that's gaining steam in the Caribbean.

A group of French tourists are being accused  of "desecrating" the slavery memorial at Anse Cafard in Diamant, Martinique.

The Slavery memorial is a place that thousands of tourists go every year, its a solemn place of mourning and contemplation. Many of the tourists who visit are Black people who are descendant of slaves (either from the Caribbean or the United States). And the memorial is one of the most impressive slavery museums in the world. It houses impressive statues, created by local artist Laurent Valère, and the remains of a slave ship that sunk in 1830 with African slaves chained in it.

Well a group of White tourists - believed to be from France came and "desecrated"  the Anse Cafard slavery memorial, by taking n*de pics there and posting them on social media.

The local media Martinique 1ère reports that the Mayor of Diamant is considering legal action, and the population is outraged at yet another sign of disrespect from colonizers. Artist Laurent Valère stated: “The memorial is tainted, stained and perverted, it is our identity that they hurt”.