'Racist' Caught . . . Allegedly Raping 7 Yr Old Black Child!! (Graphic Video)

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A very disturbing video has gone viral - and it shows a purported White Supremacist being caught in the bathroom with a 7 year old girl. The man was nude in the video, and he was arrested and charged with s*xually assaulting a young Black girl.

A 20-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the s*xual assault, which happened on Saturday in Pretoria, South Africa. The arrest was confirmed to MTO News by Lungelo Dlamini, a spokesman for South African police.

The accused was arrested at the restaurant and has been charged with rape and possession of drugs.

The 7 year old girl had gone to the bathroom when the assailant grabbed her and raped her in the men's restroom, according to local media reports. The man accused of the crime - who is photo'd above - is labeled as a "White Supremacist" by the same local media.

Here is what one publication is alleging happened:

The child was at the play area of a local family restaurant, Dros, when the man targeted and preyed on her. He waited for the little girl, 6, to go to the bathroom. He snatched her from the female bathroom and dragged her to the male bathroom.

When the mother couldn’t find her child in the female bathroom she heard noises coming from the male bathroom and realised it’s locked. After a lot of commotion the door was opened to find the man and child naked and the little girl had blood running down her legs. 

Here is the video - warning it is VERY graphic: