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White Supremacist Woman LIES About Black Man RAPING HER . . . Convinces Her RACIST BOYFRIEND . . . To MURDER THE MAN!! (Terrible Story)

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    Original: is getting wind of a HEINOUS CRIME - that took place in Binghamton, New York - and it looks like it may finally be getting close to being BROUGHT TO JUSTICE.

Prosecutors say a white supremacist couple robbed and killed 38-year-old Michael C. Thomas, a Black man - after the woman told her boyfriend Michael had raped her.

Police claim that after they MURDERED Michael, they stole his money and did HEROIN in the home - near Michael's body - which lay DECOMPOSING for weeks.

The woman Ariana Edwards, 38, is facing MURDER charges and is scheduled to go on trial starting Jan. 30.

The boyfriend, Bradley Miles pleaded guilty in November to felony counts of first-degree manslaughter and attempted second-degree robbery, in exchange for a 30-year prison term. He is expected to be sentenced Feb. 1 in county court.