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White Supremacist MURDERS Black Man . . . Then Gets Police . . . To DRIVE HIM HOME After!!


A sick and demented White Supremacist from Pittsburgh is charged with MURDERING a Black mean, then getting police to drive him home afterwards. Authorities are looking into whether local police had some involvement in the racist murder.

Police say that Joden Rocco stabbed an innocent Black man in Pittsburgh and then waved down the cops for a ride home. 

Rocco uploaded a video moments before the stabbing on Sunday and said he was looking to see how many times he could say the N-Word before being kicked out of bars along North Shore. 

According to the criminal complaint, surveillance video shows Rocco being denied entrance into the Little Red Corvette Bar at Tequila Cowboy.

He then walked along North Shore Drive toward PNC Park and encountered Cameron, who was with a friend. Police say Rocco was seen on video bouncing on the balls of his feet and appearing very aggressive.

Rocco ran into the innocent 24 year old Dulane Cameron, and allegedly stabbed him in the neck. Dulane died according to the affidavit. Rocco then waved police down for a ride home.

Here is video:

“I just can’t describe how I felt when she told me my grandson had been killed,” said Barbara Cameron, Dulane’s grandmother. “It just hurt me to my heart.”