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Rapper NBA Youngboy attacked and beat up rival rapper SkinnyFromThe9 yesterday, MTO News has confirmed. The two rappers have been arguing on social media for weeks, over a girl. And yesterday the argument turned to violence.

NBA Youngboy is a 19-year-old rapper best known for his song "Outside Today" which has peaked at number 31 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. SkinnyFromThe9 is an 18-year-old rapper best known for the 2017 singles "Count It," "Get the Bag," and "Family Rich." Both rappers have a very strong following on Instagram.


According to multiple social media reports, NBA Youngboy and his crew ran down on Skinnyfromthe9 yesterday in Los Angeles - and NBA Youngboy repeatedly punched SkinnyFromThe9 in the face. The "fight" lasted just a few seconds before it was broken up - and SkinnyFromThe9 managed to escape.

Luckily, it doesn't appear that SkinnyFromThe9 was hurt too badly from the beating. 

He took to social media afterward and explained what the beef with NBA Youngboy is about. 

SkinnyFromThe9 also took to social media - to snitch on NBA Youngboy. He told his fans that if "anything" happens to him, NBA Youngboy should be blamed.


NBA should not be surprised by SkinnyFromThe9's snitching - he's done it before. Video surfaced of the New Jersey teen a few years ago, showing him telling on his friends to the police. Here is the video:

Also, here are pics of the girl they are fighting over, BTW. The girl's name is Ayleks: