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A Black SUV, being driven by two White men, plowed through a group of Black Lives Matter protesters in New York City yesterday. And MTO News confirmed that despite hitting multiple protesters, and damaging at least three 3 bikes - the driver was not charged with any crime.


The incident occurred last night on 42nd Street in midtown Manhattan. Here's video:

The SUV driver was passing by a group of Black Lives Matter protesters, and began arguing with the protesters. When the protesters approached his car, the man ran them over - and destroying at least three bicycles in the process.

Luckily no one was hurt.

Here's what one witness told MTO News:

This car just sped through a bike line protecting a protest near Times Square and then ran through the crowd. The passenger seat is clearly a uniformed city worker, the person who filmed this believes they saw an MTA badge. No physical injuries. At least three destroyed bike.

Here's a picture of the man in the passenger seat:


This is the latest in a series of incidents where men rammed their vehicles into Black Lives Matter protesters. We first saw this occur own Charlottesville, where one man - labeled a "White supremacist" was charged with murder.

This "ramming protesters" tactic has been used dozens of times, and in almost all cases the person doing the ramming is usually arrested. The latest was Anthony Cambareri, 36, who was arrested in Long Island, NY for driving his Toyota RAV4 into two Black Lives Matters protesters on Monday night.

But this time, the driver was not charged. And police are refusing to release his name to the public.

According to the NY Post, the driver was pulled over a few blocks away

He drove a few blocks away from where he was stopped by police and taken to the Manhattan South Precinct, sources said.

Police said the man has not been arrested. No injuries were reported.

MTO News reached out to the police for comment, but they refused.