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Man Gets NO JAIL TIME . . . After Being Caught RAPING A 1-YEAR-OLD BABY . . . Judge Decides To 'BE LENIENT'!!!

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A 19-year-old Iowa man has been released from prison, after pleading GUILTY to raping a one year old baby.

In 2013, federal investigators discovered a child pornography video in which a man — unidentified at the time but later determined to be Kraigen Grooms of Ottumwa, Iowa — could be seen sexually abusing a small baby. Additional reports state that the baby was AFRICAN-AMERICAN.

As the Ottumwa Evening Post reported in September 2014, Grooms carried out the assault on the toddler at an Ottumwa home while a viewer in New Orleans watched the assault remotely on his or her computer and recorded it, according to a criminal complaint.

“Forensic analysis of computers used in the transfer of the video recordings shows that the Defendant reported that he found the incident “so hot” and that the Defendant was making arrangements to sexually abuse an unidentified 3-year-old male while the subject in New Orleans viewed and recorded the abuse.”

The FBI eventually identified Kraigen, and arrested him. You would think that would be the ED OF THE STORY, but its not. Kraigen was arrested March 19, 2014, and charged with second degree sexual abuse, a Class B Felony in Iowa.

But earlier this week he plead out - to NO JAIL TIME.