White Homeowner Arrested After Pulling Gun On 4 Black 'Trespassers'! (Video)

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A White homeowner was arrested and charged with five counts of brandishing a weapon - after the man pointed a gun at four unarmed Black men, MTO News has learned.


And the entire incident was captured on video.


The video starts with the homeowner holding a gun at four men, who he claimed are trespassing on his private road. One of the Black men told the gunman that he used to live in the neighborhood, and that there were no visible signs marking the so-called private property.

But the gunman is not interested in their explanation.

"You think I'm f--king with you? You feeling me? I'm gonna take you out here," he can be heard threatening.

The men decide to call the police, with one asking the armed man if he minds them doing so: "I ain't trying to get this man trigger happy," he tells his friend.

I guess you've just been waiting all day to shoot some Black people, huh?" they ask him.

When one of the bikers asks if he's going to point the gun at the cops if they arrive and they are Black, he replies: "The cops here are good people."

They even ask the man for the exact address to tell the police, but he doesn't oblige, opting instead to keep the weapon trained on them for more than five minutes.

"Y'all gonna get locked up when the cops get here... for trespassin'," the deranged gunman says once more before the video cuts out, as the friends decide it's best to leave.

But he was wrong. When police arrived, it was the gunman who got arrested, on five counts of brandishing a firearm.

"Police were called and he has been arrested for brandishing," the poster of the video wrote.

"Be careful out there. It's a crazy world we live in."