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White Girls Are OUT OF CONTROL . . . At This Year’s Miami SPRING BREAK . . . Someone’s Gonna Get A RAPE CASE!!!

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MTO News has been receiving reports of the OUT OF CONTROL BEHAVIOR – going on in Miami this Spring Break.
But a new series of videos – being shared on social media from Miami Spring Break – show just how CRAZY things are over there.

The videos, which all went viral, all show African American men engaging in ACTIVITIES with White women. And the videos are VERY graphic and involve people that are intoxicated.

Spring Break already has a reputation for college students going wild!

In a Prevention Science study, 1,540 U.S. college undergraduates were asked to complete an online survey after returning from spring break. The students averaged 20 years of age, and the vast majority were white and heterosexual.

Of these students, 32% of the students reported having sex over spring break, and 15.5% said they did it with at least one casual partner. Out of those students, 52.5% did not use condoms during any of their spring break sex. About half (46.7%) of the students who had sex said that they consumed alcohol beforehand and, of among those who drank, they had about 4 drinks on average.

We think it’s time to do another survey because this Spring Break is out of control! We’re sure their parents will be extremely proud of them after seeing these videos.

We’re told that LOCAL POLICE are already looking at the videos.