White Families Headed By Dropouts . . . 3X Richer Than Black Families . . . With College Degrees!!

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A new study that was published by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review shows just how BAD the effects of racism and White Supremacy are in the United States. The study found that white Americans who dropped out of high school are three times wealthier than black Americans who graduated college.

The study confirmed SCIENTIFICALLY what most people already knew - that White supremacy is a problem in America.

The study- which was called 'Family Achievements?: How a College Degree Accumulates Wealth for Whites and Not For Blacks' showed that even EDUCATION can not offset the benefits that White Americans get from White supremacy. It revealed a shocking wealth gap between white and black families, even if they are better educated.

The study was published by researchers Tatjana Meschede, Joanna Taylor, Alexis Mann and Thomas Shapiro.

It's not clear what the Federal Reserve plans on doing with the results of the study.