A woman in a wheelchair decided to show off her dance moves - which included twerking.

Yes, we said that a girl in a wheelchair was twerking . . . 

Here is the video

The video was taken at a wedding in Atlanta, where the liquor was flowing freely. The DJ started playing some bounce music - and the guests immediately turned up.

And two of the guests decided to get into an impromptu dance battle. One of the guests, was a 28 year old disabled woman - who is wheelchair bound. But she didn't let her disability slow her down.

After the two battled to a near dead heat on the dance floor, the lady - who is being called "wheelchair girl" on social media, decided to pull out her secret move.

Wheelchair girl propped herself up on the stage, got out of her wheelchair, and began twerking.

After she did that . . . it  was CLEAR who won the dance battle.

Here is the video