What's Going On With BEYONCE . . . She Looks Real TIRED . . . WHILE DANCING!!

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Beyonce isn't herself these days. She looks like she can use a BREAK.

Bey has basically been recording, rehearsing,or touring for almost 6 months. And she's not even HALF WAY into her new world tour.

And it looks like the grueling schedule is starting to weigh on her.

Beyonce fans have been commenting that she appears to be very "low energy" in her recent concert. Here is a video of her dancing, and Bey looks noticeable exhausted.

Now for most artists, that dancing would be just fine. But for a woman that's as talented as Beyonce - that's very surprising.

Beyonce is having a string of BAD LUCK lately. Earlier this week she and Jay Z had to rush their baby son SIR to the hospital in Germany because he was running a HIGH fever. 

Local paparazzi managed to snap a pic of Bey carrying Sir out of the hospital - as she was flanked by giant bodyguards. Jay Z and Beyonce have been RELUCTANT to show any images of their two youngest children. By contrast, the couple seemed happy to put out pics of their first child - Blue Ivy to the press.

The hospital scare with their young one was also days after Beyonce's moving stage MALFUNCTIONED during her On The Run II Tour, and she had to be carried down to safety. She still put on a good show though.