WHAT THE FREAK???? New Report Say That RIHANNA Is A STALKER . . . That She Was STALKING The Weeknd So Badly . .That He Had To DROP Out Of Her TOUR!!!


A few months ago, R&B sensation The Weeknd announced that he was DROPPING OUT of Rihanna's ANTI tour. At the time it seemed like an ODD career move, given that Rihanna's world tour was one of the biggest events of the year. But according to the website Crazy Days & Nights, The Weeknd did it because Rih was STALKING him. This is their report:

This foreign born, current A list singer with the unusually spelled name had several hundred texts and voice mail messages come from this very whacked out A+ list singer to his phone. It was so bad that he pulled out of a lucrative set of gigs with her because he wanted no part of the train wreck. The Weeknd/Rihanna