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ALL THE TEA . . . Behind REAL Star Tamera And Husband’s Marriage . . . People Are Saying . . . She Should DIVORCE HIM!!!!


A popular Youtuber just spilled all kinds of TEA from Tamera Mowry’s marriage – to RIGHT WING activist Adam Housley.
According to the tea being spilled, Adam was dating other women while Tamera thought they were exclusive.

Less than a year ago, the couple was celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary.

Tamera shared a post on her Instagram at the time, saying:

“6 years of marriage today! Where does the time go?! Happy Anniversary @adamhousley What a blessing it is to be with someone you LOVE and LIKE. People ask me what’s a tip for marriage? I would say to make sure you LIKE your spouse as a human being and that they inspire you to be a better person:) Adam you have seen the depths of my soul and you still choose to love me. Thanks for making me a mother to two beautiful children and for being my best friend till the very end. Je t’aime mon amour.”

The blogger also claims:

The two allegedly went on a getaway trip with Adam after 4 years of dating hoping he would propose, which he didn’t

She lost her virginity on the getaway trip – she then felt guilty

They broke up a year after the trip; he was allegedly cheating with another woman

Started dating Hosea Chanchez “The Game” to make Adam jealous

Adam then wanted to get back together, and she went back to him because she loved him

They were broken up for a year before they got back together

Dated for an additional 7 months before getting engaged.

Oh, and the tea spiller has receipts too.