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We’ve Got Pics Of NBA Star Draymond Green’s GIRLFRIEND . . . He’s Got The BADDEST GIRL . . . Of ALL His Teammates!!

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NBA baller Draymond Green is seen as the THIRD or FOURTH best player on the Golden State Warriors.
But his GF definitely is playing at the TOP SPOT of Warriors girlfriend. Check her out – her name is Kharris, and she’s from the UK.

Kharris Mackey is a model and has even dabbled in acting, starring in the 2016 UK movie, The Weekend.

The movie centers around lifelong friends Derrick, Malcolm (Percelle) and Tyler who accidentally find £100,000. They embark on a hilarious spending spree, splashing the cash on expensive haircuts, new threads, a Range Rover and the party to end all parties: The Weekend to end all weekends. But the owner of the cash soon comes calling, and the terrified trio have to find a way to pay him back.

The movie has been available on Netflix for a while.

Recently, Draymond Green went viral after footage of his reaction to Fergie’s national anthem went viral. Green can be seen fighting back the laughter as Fergie belted out her unique rendition of the anthem.

“I was just chillin’, man,” he said of his bemused facial expression during her performance. “I don’t know. It’s the national anthem.”

Take a look at Green’s new British beauty below!

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