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Westside Gunn Checked By Mr. T's Daughter Over Jewelry Flex

Rapper Westside Gunn tried to flex on Mr. T by showing off a new chain and his daughter quickly dragged him.

"The Diff between me and Mr T is my smallest chain cost more than all his sh*t," he wrote sharing a picture of Mr. T with a stack of gold chains around his neck.

Mr. T's daughter responded: "Difference is…All of it was real. All of it was given to him. All of it is his. He still has all of it..And he was a movie star, TV star, commercial star with bedsheets. Pajamas, Lunch boxes, dolls, cereal, cartoons, Wrestlemania albums… He's my dad too."

Westside Gunn quickly corrected his statement: "I love MRT," he tweeted. "I was literally just sitting here thinking how he was so dope for the Culture how he was able to jump into the wrestling world and be fly, get on TV shows, movies, action figures, he was a one of one."