West Coast rapper Kurupt was reportedly rushed to hospital after relapsing on alcohol during the filming of Marriage Boot Camp.

According to reports, Kurupt, who has battled with alcohol addiction in the past, drank so much from the endless supply of alcohol provided by the WEtv show, that he had to seek medical treatment.

TMZ reports that he subsequently missed two days of filming. Alcohol has since been removed from the house for the remainder of filming.

Kurupt will be appearing on the show with his estranged wife, Jovan "Tookie" Brown. The couple faced public scrutiny after Brown alleged last year that the rapper abandoned her amid her cancer diagnosis. Kurupt denies that he left her when she was diagnosed, saying that they separated long after the diagnosis.

During an interview back in 2013 with HipHopDx, Kurupt also revealed that he was grateful for still being in the game after so many years:

"God is good. I'm still here. In my day, life expectancy was 25 for a black youth. I survived that. I'm 40-years-old. I got beautiful children and a beautiful life. It's definitely a form of growth. I look forward to being an old man. I am an old man, but I'm still young and vibrant. That's not easy to come by," he told them.

"A lot of people give up, and the stresses of life break them down. Me, Snoop and Daz are still here pushing strong and making records, getting this money and enjoying ourselves. We're still able to do it. A lot of people weren't able to do it. 'Pac is gone. Biggie is gone. Big L is gone. Pun is gone. I think we all have an appreciation of what we're doing right now."