Wendy's Denies CEO Donated To President Donald Trump's Campaign

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Fast food franchise Wendy's has finally responded to reports that its CEO donated to President Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

"Our voice would be nothing without Black culture. Right now, a lot of people are hurting because of blatant racism against Black people. Their voices need to be heard. Period. #BlackLivesMatter," the company wrote via their Twitter account. "We're about putting our money where our mouth is. So here's our money and here's our mouth. We are committed to donating $500k to support social justice, the youth and education in the Black community starting with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and we'll have receipts.

"Our employees and customers have spoken loud and clear. We know we have a lot more to do than a donation. We're committed to doing the work and we hear you," the statement continued, adding, "In the coming days, we'll be using our Twitter account to amplify Black voices. Because what's the point of this big platform if we don't use it for what matters during times like these?"

A follower then asked about the reported donation -- and Wendy's denied such a donation was ever made.

"We never have and will never contribute to a presidential campaign. For the record our CEO has always kept that same energy too. Facts," the tweet read.