Talk show host Wendy Williams was spotted out yesterday with her new boyfriend, 28 year old Marc Tomblin. The pair have been dating now for a couple of weeks, and it looks like they are getting pretty serious.

But it's not Wendy that's trending on social media this morning - it's Marc.

You see, Marc was spotted with Wendy, as the two went on a low key date. And Marc was wearing some . . . err . .. revealing sweatpants.

And many of Wendy's female fans are amazed at what the sweats seemed to reveal.

You're gonna have to see it to believe it:


Wendy revealed on her top-rated The Wendy Williams Show, that she is dating and embracing single life. In her words, she says “I’m reclaiming my life”.

Many fans have said that Wendy looks happier with Marc in her life and now that we see him in the sweats - we know why.

According to Hollywood Life:

Wendy hinted at her new relationship on June 10 when she shared a pic on Instagram of herself holding hands with a “very sexy” mystery man,” and revealed that she’s “old enough to be [his] mother.” Her confession came just two months after splitting with ex-husband Kevin Hunter, but anyone who watches Wendy’s show knows that she’ been thoroughly enjoying the single life. Unfortunately, The Wendy Williams Show is on summer break right now; otherwise, we’d be hearing all about it!