Wendy Williams is dating again - and her latest love interest is a much younger man.

Wendy announced this morning, that she spent  last night with a much younger man. Wendy posted pics of the two holding hands, and wrote:

Last night was the most beautiful sunset in Sherman Oaks with special people. Thank you, California! You've won me over! I'll be back for the Hip Hop Festival in August! #92.3 #oldenoughtobeyourmother#verysexyman #mynewlife

Look at the hashtag - "old enough to be your mother." Clearly she's talking about her new bae.

Here's the pic posted:

It's clear her new man is younger, given the sneakers and caption. 

Congrats to Wendy for moving on so quickly . . . .

After years of rumors and alleged drama, Wendy Williams and husband.partner Kevin Hunter are in the midst of a divorce. The couple were together for 22 years, and share their son, 19 year old Kevin Hunter, Jr.

Rumors that Hunter cheated on Williams and impregnated another woman ran rampant just before the two split. Hunter and Williams previously denied cheating allegations, which have been speculated about for years. 

Though neither Hunter nor Williams confirmed the gossip in the wake of their divorce, Williams was seen on Instagram showing off her newly wedding ring-free hand.