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Wendy Williams, celebrated her 55th birthday yesterday and she did it in style. And we mean that literally. 

The talk show queen decided to travel the all over New York city, changing outfits at every stop and making sure that she looked amazing everywhere she went.

Oh, and because it was her birthday - the Queen wore a diamond tiara.

She was first spotted by paparazzi shopping at the Louis Vuitton and Chanel stores on Fifth Avenue while wearing a very cute and fun Black dress. It was very princess-y - and that purse was TO DIE FOR:


A few hours later, Wendy was seen attending a meeting in midtown. She had changed clothes, now wearing a casual chic pink dress with a different AMAZING purse (a $60K Birkin bag):


And Wendy ended the night at Serendipity In NYC - where she partied the night away with friends, including her new BFF Blac Chyna. And yes, she changed outfits (and purses) again: