Yesterday Wendy Williams, the Queen of All Media, fired shots at female hip hop star Nicki Minaj. And the shots were "kill shots."

In a segment on her top rated talk show, Wendy talked about a "soon to be washed up rapper" who Wendy claims "can't keep her name out of it's mouth."

Wendy has been publicly feuding with Nicki since last month, when Wendy criticized her for marrying entertainment executive Kenneth Petty, who has a criminal history including convictions for attempted rape and manslaughter.

Wendy said:

"I don't know what he does for a living, I just know that he did time in jail for—he's a sex offender," Williams said before digging deeper into Minaj's family. "Well, she's no stranger to that because her brother's in jail for sex offending... Well, first-degree manslaughter. Now, he served seven years in prison and he's also a sex offender. So that means that a manslaughter a killer? Okay. So, he's a killer and a sex offender... Well Nicki, congratulations."

Nicki responded to Wendy, by going on a vicious rant about the talk show host - on her Queen Radio show. Nicki acted as if she was disappointed with Wendy Williams for what she said and referred to her as "demonic…"

Fast forward to now, Williams subliminally mentioned a ‘soon to be washed up rapper’ and fans think she’s talking about Nicki….

But in fact, Wendy hit Nicki with the Kill shot. 

Here is the video of Wendy firing direct shots at Nicki:

While Wendy didn't mention Nicki by name, her entire audience knew exactly who she was talking about. 

Wendy and Nicki are both strong women with even stronger personalities. So this feud could get interesting y'all!