Social media personality Welven Da Great was captured on camera running from a fight with a woman.

Welven is seen standing outside of a venue while the lady squares up to him, appearing to want to fight. Welven, who clearly does not want to fight, backs away, and as people step in to try to calm the situation down - he throws a drink on her and darts down the street!

The woman and her friend then chase after him into a store, and as he lays on the ground, they try to attack him but are stopped by a burly security guard who ushers them out.

An emboldened Welven then follows behind them and can be seen yelling "She's going to jail," before a woman involved reminded him that he "threw a drink on her bro."

We're not sure what happened before filming started, but judging from the video, Welven made physical contact with his drink first.