Website Claims Popular Singer May 'SNITCH' . . . About Having An AFFAIR . . . WITH JAY Z!!!

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Jay Z and Beyonce may be on the verge of another SHOCK to their marriage. The website Crazy Days And Nights - which is credited with outing Harvey Weinstein's drama - just published an astonishing blind item reveal.

We hope and pray it's not true. Here's what they say:

This foreign born former A- list rapper who has some serious nomination/wins to her credit is trying to make a comeback after a very quiet few years. Knowing her, she will make a big splash and I think she is going to spill a lot about an affair she had with this permanent A+ list rapper because she hates him and his wife.



If this is true, we don't think this rapper should risk spilling any tea. We all know that Bey and Jay have friends in very high places, and her career can be ended with a single phone call.

But then again, we love a little mess and of course, if she DOES decide to tell all, we will be right out in front taking notes and bringing it to y'all while it's still piping hot!

Could this rapper be "Becky with the good hair?" - or was Jay slangin' the d with several women?