Wendy Williams revealed thats she has a new man in her life - and he's young and fine.

His name is Marc Tomblin and he's a 28 year old financial manager, who specializes in bond investing. Here's some details from the handsome young man's Linkedin page:


Marc, who describes himself as an investor and asset manager, focuses on non-performing notes in the real estate field. It's the kind of business that you have to be both smart and savy to succeed in.

More about Wendy's new bae: Marc is very athletic - he was a star high school athlete. The handsome financier graduated from high school 10 years ago, and he was the school's starting quarterback.


But before Marc became the man that he is today, he had a few bumps in the road. News reports say that he was arrested 7 years ago, in connection with an alleged robbery in Charlotte. That was a long time ago, and we're sure that he's a different man now.

But we kinda like the fact that he has a little bit of a dark side to him. Here's his mugshot:


Anyway here is another pic of Marc now - a smart, savy business man, that's great to look at:


The talk show host’s son, Kevin Hunter Jr., 18, is “really happy to see his mom getting out there and playing the field,” a source close to Wendy tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “He knows that she has been through so much this past year, and he’s proud of her for finally putting herself first,” the insider says, explaining, “Wendy has always put her family’s priorities before her own, but he thinks it’s healthy for her to focus on herself and her happiness right now.”