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NEW PICS Of Maia Campbell From IN THE HOUSE . . . Her New 'SEXY' Look!!


Actress Maia Campbell had one of the most DRAMATIC Hollywood falls in history. She started her career as the BEAUTIFUL Young Actress on the hit 1990s TV series IN THE HOUSE.

But Maia quickly began to spiral downward when her mental health got worse, and she refused to take medication. Then it got even worse when she started taking NARCOTICS to self-medicate herself.


Four years ago, MTO News reported that Maia was working as a prostitute in Los Angeles. She's now in Atlanta, and living a much healthier life. She's still working through her mental health difficulties, abut she no longer appears to be taking narcotics.

Here's her new look:


Last year Maia's former cast mate LL Cool J had something to say. . . The famed rapper scolded the paparazzi for exploiting someone when they're at a low point. 

The USA Today report said that: 

LL Cool J has a word for would-be videographers seeking to exploit down-on-their-luck celebrities: Instead of pulling your phone out, try offering a hand instead. 

After an unsettling video of a video the rapper/actor believed to be Maia Campbell, his co-star from the '90s series In the House surfaced on Twitter Saturday, he crafted pointed words for the videographer. 

In the footage, the woman, clad in a bralette and shorts at a gas station, tells the camera, "I want some crack," and alleges she was raped in an encounter she described as "un-human." 

"Instead of pulling out your phone and filming someone who's obviously having trouble. Maybe lend a helping hand? A kind word?" LL Cool J tweeted Sunday evening, tagging Campbell, with whom he worked for five seasons on the NBC sitcom.