We Got CLOSE UP PICS . .. Of T-Boz From The Group . . . TLC!!!

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Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins was one f the most beautiful women in the world. As a member of the group TLC - she and her fellow bandmates were among the most sought after women in entertainment.

When T-Boz was at her peak,she dated rappers, actors and athletes - and they were all fighting over her. But all that's changed.

T-Boz is now in her mid 40s - and she's had a bunch of health problems that heave made it difficult for her to stay up on exercising and healthy eating.

Now look whats he looks like:


By contrast, her bandmate Chilli works hard to maintain her beauty. And it shows. Look how she looks:


You might remember that T-Boz filed for bankruptcy in February 2011 and again in October 2011. According to entertainment reporter Viviana Vigil, a commentator in an episode of the Reelz TV series Broke & Famous, Watkins spent $9,000 a month and owed $770,000 on her home despite a reported income of $11,000 a month. Entertainment reporter Nina Parker, another commentator in said Broke & Famous episode, cited Watkins’s medical bills and brain tumor. 

A Nicki Swift video cited an ex who owed Watkins $250,000 in child support payments at the time of her Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing in October 2011. Due to failure to complete proper paperwork, Watkins’s bankruptcy claim was rejected in February 2012, enabling creditors and bill collectors to pursue her assets and repossess one of her vehicles

In June 2016, Watkins announced that she had adopted a 10-month-old son named Chance.