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Watch Joseline Hernandez STRUGGLE To Twerk . . . Didn't She Used To Be A STRIPPER??


Joseline Hernendez first burst onto the scene on Love & Hip Hop as Stevie J's ex-stripper side chick. But now MTO News learned that . . . it turns out that she wasn't a very good stripper.

Joseline posted a new video - showing her twerk skills.

And while her body looks GREAT in the videos, her skills are TERRIBLE.

Joseline danced around the studio, showing that she has absolutely NO rhythm. And she seemed very STIFF also. It was almost like she had joint pain or arthritis.

Maybe it was just her AGE catching up to her. Joseline claims to be 31 years old. But word is that she's actually 41 .

Here is the first video

Here is the second video


According to Hollywood Life, "When Joseline isn’t practicing her moves on a stripper pole, she’s making headlines by releasing diss tracks. She recently got attention with a track that totally disses rapper Cardi B even though they don’t know each other. Many followers speculate that Joseline just released the diss track because she’s jealous of Cardi since she’s one of the top female rappers in the world right now. Either way, it seems like Joseline doesn’t care what others think as she often does wild things that stir up the pot."

Joseline most likely has confidence to do what she wants because her life seems to be going in the right direction. She finally settled a long custody battle with her ex Stevie J over money and how to raise their 1-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella. Joseline sued Stevie in 2016 for access to their daughter and they even had to be reprimanded by a judge in court because they kept giving each other insults. We’re glad to know things are better now and Joseline can focus on keeping more happiness and less stress in her life!