Washington Redskins NFL Draft Pick Caught In 'SCANDAL' . . . Allegedly Had 'PHYSICAL ALTERCATION' . . . On Female!!

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The Washington Redskins used the 59th pick in the NFL draft to choose LSU running back Derrius Guice. Derrius was expected to be a FIRST ROUND draft pick.

But he slipped to the second round in the draft on Friday night, after there were reports that NFL teams had concerns about his off-field conduct.

For example, there were rumors that the 5-foot-11, 224-pound back was allegedly involved in an altercation during his pre-draft visit with the Philadelphia Eagles. Additionally there's an upcoming NFL Network report claiming that they are working story coming out that could be "embarrassing" to him and the Redskins organization.

Well MTO News has some details on that "embarrassing" report. According to a TOP MTO News source, Derrius got into some sort of altercation with a WOMAN who worked at he New Orleans Superdome.

According to ESPN, Derrius said that the allegations, 

"did surprise me because a lot of the things came out of nowhere and weren't true," Guice said on a conference call. "I just didn't understand why me, out of all people, because I'm great to everybody. I have a great personality, and I just didn't understand why everything just hit so hard with me out of everybody."

MTO's News' snitch explains, "It happened at a New Orleans Saints game in December. Derrius allegedly had a physical altercation with a woman that worked on the elevator. She's not gotten a lawyer and may file a lawsuit."

The woman's side of the story, if true, will be VERY damning towards Derrius.