Washington DC Designates BLACK WOMEN . . . As A 'High Risk' Group For HIV!!!

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Washington DC just sent out the warning - to Black women  - the nations capital claims that they are at "high risk" for contracting HIV.

The Washington DC Health annual report claims that they uncovered a "record number" for STDs, and that new HIV diagnoses among young people represents 41 percent, a higher rate over the past 10 years.

But HIV isn't the only STD on the rise in the nations capital. According to the report, there were 10,157 cases of chlamydia, a 35% increase from 2013 to 2017, and 5,070 cases of gonorrhea, a 56% increase.

And STDs among teenagers, is even worse. The study found that chlamydia rose by 19% and gonorrhea soared by 36% for teens between the ages of 15 and 19.

But heres where the report dropped a bombshell. Black men who have sex with men, and black women that engage in heterosexual contact account for the highest proportion of newly diagnosed HIV cases, according to the report.

These groups are considered 'high risk for HIV' in the District.

t’s hard to believe that the HIV rate in our nation’s capital is almost as high as those of some African nations. In 2009, almost 3% of D.C. residents were living with HIV, three times the World Health Organization’s classification for a severe epidemic, and comparable to or even higher than the rates of Ghana, Rwanda, or Ethiopia.

Thanks to initiatives like condom distribution, needle sharing programs, and increased access to testing, new diagnoses in the city have dropped by nearly 60% since 2007. Despite the overall decline in new diagnoses, HIV still disproportionately affects African Americans, particularly black women.