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An arrest warrant has just been issued for Migos rapper Offset, for assaulting a teenager while on Instagram Live.

Police issued an arrest warrant for criminal damage to property against the Migos rapper Offset, after he smacked a cellphone to the ground at a Sandy Springs Target last Thursday. 

According to TMZ, "The fan said, "What up, Offset?" and that set Offset off. Offset said, "Get the f*** out of my face." The video the guy, Junior Gibbons, shot shows Offset then smack the phone out of his hand. The instrument crashed to the ground and broke, shattering the screen."

Video shows what appears to be the rapper, whose real name is Kiari Cephus, smacking a cell phone out of the hands of a fan.

Here is the video:

This case could put Offset back in prison.

This Migos rapper is already on probation for a 2015 arrest. In that case, police found weed and a loaded gun in their car after a Georgia college show, and all three Migos members were charged with felony possession of a schedule II narcotic and carrying a loaded gun on school property.

Takeoff and Quavo were eventually released from jail, but Offset was already a convicted felon at the time from an earlier arrest, so he remained behind bars and faced further issues.

After months behind bars, Offset accepted an Alford plea deal, which is one in which a defendant accepts a plea deal without admitting guilt. Offset was then released from jail on five years probation in December 2015, which he's still under. 

If Offset is convicted of this charge, he could face time in prison.