Warner Music Group Pledges $100 Million To Anti-Racism Fund

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Warner Music has announced a $100 million fund intended to "support charitable causes related to the music industry, social justice and campaigns against violence and racism." 

This comes as The Weeknd, Erykah Badu and other celebrities called on them to give back to the Black community, who their fortunes were founded on.

With the announcement, came no specific beneficiaries or any real details -- perhaps they will announce the organizations and causes who are to benefit sometime soon.

Many are wary about the gesture. According to NPR, the Warner Music Group senior management team does not currently include any persons of color.

"This fund will support the extraordinary, dedicated organizations that are on the front lines of the fight against racism and injustice, and that help those in need across the music industry," Steve Cooper, CEO of Warner Music Group, said in the statement. "Our advisory panel, which will draw from a diverse cross-section of people from our team and the wider community, will help us be very thoughtful and accountable in how we make an impact. We're determined to contribute, on a sustained long-term basis, to the effort to bring about real change."