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Wanna See What R&B Singer MYA Looks Like NOW . . . And Before You Look . . . Remember She's In Her 40s!!! (Her STAGE Age . . . Is 36 Tho)

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R&B singer Mya has been in the game for a minute. She claims on all her promotional material that she's 36 years old, but she's really in her mid 40s.

But age ain't nothing but a number, because Mya looks great. She's very FAIR skinned too. So it is even more impressive that she managed to look so young.

Right now, Mya's making sure she's not on the beehive's list of "Beckys" that was thotting it up with Jay Z beyond Beyonce's back. She was very quick to declare to TMZ that she never has smashed with with Jigga.